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Hi, I'm Lilly!

I am the manager at The One Life Centre! I started working here when we first opened back in 2018! I completed my Diploma of Beauty  in 2019, 

graduating with qualifications in advanced facials, all beauty services, and six different massage techniques.




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What is Waterlily?


Waterlily is a professional spa brand created from an infusion of botanical concentrates, aromatherapy and omega rich plant serums to deeply nurture the skin. Each exquisite formulation is a nourishing blend of pure skin nutrition.

Enriched with a blend of exotic fruit extracts, herbal infusions, marine nutrients, crushed nut butters, mineral rich French clays, anti-ageing vitamins, cold pressed plant oils, floral waters and pure essential oils. Each product is lovingly hand crafted fresh each month in our Botanical Laboratory in Brisbane, Australia.

Waterlily is an effective age proofing skin solution through the science of corneotherapy to protect and enhance barrier function minimising inflammation and protecting the skins natural pH level. Strengthening resilience, fighting sensitivity and promoting

skin health, hydration and vitality is the first step in any anti-ageing skin journey.


What can our nitrogen cryo-facial do for you?

One of the industry’s most efficient pieces of equipment is our Cryotherapy spot machine, not only will this leave you feeling refreshed & youthful.  This technique used in our facials works as an anti-ageing treatment & gives off the effects of a mini face lift, ‘frotox’.  
While helping our mature client’s skin, research shows that this is just as successful in our teens with acne, decreasing redness, inflammation & sebum production, thereby reducing acne.  

Come in today to see our team, let us choose the best facial suited to you!

The 'One Life' Facial $130 - Includes your choice of Spa Facial & our devine Cryotherapy to keep you looking youthful!
Rose Quartz Spa Facial $109 - A calming, anti-ageing & anti-inflammatory facial to help reduce redness, perfect for damaged skin.
Sake' Ceremony Spa Facial $109 - A luminous boosting facial with Vitamin A which is good for scarring, fine lines & wrinkles.
Champagne & Diamonds Spa Facial $109 - A perfect summer treatment, amazing for combination & dehydrated skin, helps to brighten, tone, firm & plump the skin.
The Teen Express Facial $99 - Includes our Cryotherapy to target acne prone skin.
Bright & Refine Power Facial $69 - Best for acne prone skin.
Clear & Confident Power Facial $69 - Best for pigmentation & fine lines.


Beauty Treatments Available

WAXING: Face & Tinting

Eyebrow Tint- $13

Lip Wax- $15

Chin Wax- $15

Side of Face- $15

Eyebrow Shape- $20

Eyelash Tint- $23

Lip & Chin- $25

Eyebrow Shape & Tint- $30

Eyebrow Shape, Tint & Eyelash Tint- $50

Full Face Waxing & Tinting- $90


Underarms- $20

Arms- $40

Chest- $30

Stomach- $30

Back- $55

Chest & Stomach- $60

Chest, Stomach & Back- $100

Bikini- $30

Underarms & Bikini- $45

Brazilian- $50

Full Brazilian- $60

1/2 Leg- $35

3/4 Leg- $45

Full Leg- $60

Full Leg & Brazilian- $100


Eyelash Lift- $58
Eyelash Lift + Tint- $77
Eyelash Lift, Tint, Eyebrow Shape + Tint- $99


Eyebrow Lamination- $55
Eyebrow Lamination + Eye Trio- $99