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Cryoskin now available at The One Life Centre!!

Slim, Tone & Lift

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Eliminate fat, reduce cellulite & tighten the skin.  All without pain or a single incision, in less than an hour.

The Cryoskin system does it all!

Complimentary consultations available to be booked online now!


CryoSlimming is a non-invasive procedure which contours the silhoulette by destroying the local subcutaneous fat through the use of negative temperatures (fat freezing).

It is effective in destroying stubborn fat which has been difficult to eliminate through diet & exercise.  The cooler the temperature, the deeper it will penetrate, obtaining a greater effect. 

It is possible to perform CryoSlimming treatments on almost any part of the body: Abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, under arms, double chin, knees, etc.

Results are immediate & clients can lose around 1-2 cm per session, but the final result will appear 2 weeks after the session when the elimination of waste is complete.  We recommend 5-10 sessions to completely treat one body area.

Before a Slimming session:

- Do not eat (no sugar or carbs) for a minimum of two hours prior to your appointment.

- Do not exercise the morning of or before your appointment.

- Drink as much water as possible (you must drink 1.5-2.5L of water a day to help with the removal of fat cells)

After a Slimming session:

- Exercise after your appointment is very beneficial to start the removal process.

- A sauna after your appointment is classified as exercise!

- Drink lots of water after your appointment.

- Avoid food for another 2 hours minimum after your appointment.

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CryoToning makes use of cold temperatures to tone the skin & improve the local metabolism.  Procedures can be performed on any part of the body for a tightening effect on the skin.  This includes post-baby belly, arms, legs, cleavage, etc.  

The cold not only has an instant tightening effect on the skin, but also works in the long term by stimulating the production of collagen & elastin.

CryoToning is also an effective treatment for reducing cellulite.  It works by accelerating blood & lymph circulation, increasing the oxygen & nutrient supply to the tissue, with a draining effect of the cellulite dimples.


The CryoFacial is a natural, non-invasive, anti-ageing solution for the face & the neck.  This procedure is particularly efficient to tighten saggy skin, redefining the oval of the face & lifting the skin of the neck.  It also operates a long lasting, deep biological reaction by stimulating the natural production of collagen & elastin.

A session takes 20 minutes & results are immediate with clients seeing it visibly reducing fine lines & wrinkles.  It is recommended to do one session every week for 5 weeks or two sessions a week to optimise results, & then one session per month for maintenance.  

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